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Brown Swiss Girls

Brown Swiss is a breed of dairy cattle that produces the second largest quantity of milk per annum, over 9,000 kg The milk contains on average 4% fat and 3.5% protein making their milk excellent for production of cheese.

The Brown Swiss is known for a long gestation period, immense size, large furry ears, and an extremely docile temperament. Regardless, the Brown Swiss is quite a resilient breed of cattle; they are hardy and capable of subsisting with little care or feed. 

The Brown Swiss originated on the slopes of the alps in Switzerland; because they were bred in this harsh climate, they are resistant to the heat, cold and many other common cattle problems.

Why do I have Brown Swiss?
Brown Swiss to me are my babies, I only have a small number and I fell in love with them when I was in Canada and USA in 2009 -  in Madison, Wisconsin -  USA
Where I first saw Old Mill E Snickerdoodle, she was the most beautiful Brown Swiss I has ever seen. They also have cute faces , big ears and a wonderful personality. So when I came home I found some to buy to start my herd.

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