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Animal Breeding

          Triann Holsteins and Blumoon Holsteins & Brown Swiss.
          Our herd is made up of both Pedigree and Grade cows , We calve 4 times a year,
          to all A.I.  Calving In February / May / August / November
          We do all our own A.I , picking top Bulls from around the world, mostly from
          Australia, Canada, America and Europe. 
          We are trying to breed cows that have high production, high protein, good
          udders, with sound confirmation.
          We are also particular about milking speed and teat placement as this is very
          important with robotics.

With A.I -  
            As we do all our own A.I and having robots you have to A.I several times a day,
            as the cows come through at many different times, after many different                      periods of time, so if you don't A.I when they first draft, later on can be too                  late.  This is all done through cctivity on the cows collar.
           All of the cows are on a 'World Wide Sires' mate program.
Triann Format Wattle

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